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The Advisory Committee on Benefit Design is appointed by the TMRS Board of Trustees and serves at the pleasure of the Board. The Advisory Committee provides valuable assistance to the Board in considering benefit changes and improvements to the System, and acts as a voice for member, retiree, and city issues.

Meetings of the Advisory Committee are held subject to the call of the TMRS Board Chair.

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September 2016 Update

The TMRS Board appointed Trustees Bill Philibert and Roy Rodriguez as Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively, of the Advisory Committee on Benefit Design. The Committee was assigned to study TMRS’ cost of living adjustment (COLA) structure and return-to-work provisions and to identify the advantages and disadvantages of options for each study topic to determine if any statutory changes should be proposed.

The Committee held two meetings this summer, the first on June 23, 2016 and the second on August 18, 2016. TMRS staff and the System’s governance and actuarial consultants provided the Committee with in-depth background and trend information on these two study items (see links at left). The Committee developed a list of advantages and disadvantages of certain options compared to current law and presented the list to the Board at their September meeting as a discussion item (see presentation here). The Board requested that staff prepare and present additional information for consideration at the next Board meeting in October.

If you or someone from your city have an interest in serving on the Advisory Committee, please contact If you are interested in serving on the TMRS Advisory Committee, please print out this application and send it to TMRS. If you are a member of one of the organizations included in the Group Class of the advisory committee, are a TMRS member, and wish to be considered for the advisory committee, please contact your organization to let them know of your interest.

Current Committee Members

Individual Class Representatives

  • Michael Dane, Assistant City Manager / Chief Financial Officer
    City of San Angelo
  • Bryan Langley, Assistant City Manager / Chief Financial Officer
    City of Denton
  • Julie Masters, Mayor
    City of Dickinson
  • Charles Windwehen, TMRS Retiree
  • Five vacancies

Group Class Representatives

  • Alex Cramer, Arlington Professional Fire Fighters
  • Vacant, Service Employees International Union, San Antonio
  • David Riggs, Texas State Association of Fire Fighters
  • Bonita Hall, Texas Municipal Human Resources Association
  • Kevin Lawrence, Texas Municipal Police Association
  • Keith Dagen, Government Finance Officers Association of Texas
  • Greg Shipley, Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas
  • Lori Steward, City of San Antonio
  • Greg Vick, Texas City Management Association
  • J.J. Rocha, Texas Municipal League

At its May 2016 meeting, the TMRS Board of Trustees approved two revised charters for the Advisory Committee, one effective immediately and one effective January 1, 2018. The immediately effective charter renames the Committee as the Advisory Committee on Benefit Design and changes some of the administrative provisions of the Committee. The charter effective January 2018 modifies the size and composition of the Committee and makes further administrative changes.

Charter for the Advisory Committee effective May 19, 2016

Charter for the Advisory Committee effective January 1, 2018

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