Benefit Payment Dates

Month Checks in Mail Direct Deposit
October Friday – 28th   Monday – 31st
November Tuesday – 29th   Wednesday – 30th
December Thursday – 29th Friday – 30th
January Monday – 30th Tuesday – 31st
February Monday – 27th  Tuesday – 28th
March Thursday – 30th   Friday – 31st   
April Thursday – 27th Friday - 28th
May Tuesday – 30th   Wednesday – 31st 
June Thursday - 29th   Friday - 30th
July Friday – 28th Monday – 31st
August Wednesday – 30th Thursday – 31st
September Thursday – 28th Friday – 29th  
October Monday – 30th   Tuesday – 31st
November Wednesday – 29th Thursday – 30th
December Thursday – 28th Friday– 29th

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