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Report a Death?

When the city is notified of an employee, retiree, or beneficiary death, you may report the death on behalf of the family to TMRS.

Please contact TMRS immediately with the following information about the deceased person:

  • Full name
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Death
  • Marital status

Our office will accept the above information regarding the deceased person; however, no account information can be released until the account information is thoroughly reviewed. Please advise the family that TMRS will make contact with the designated beneficiary once the account has been reviewed.

Note: TMRS is not able to give detailed information about the decedent’s account to anyone except the designated beneficiary. If there is no designated beneficiary, a detailed letter will go to the decedent’s estate. Please do not release any benefit/beneficiary information based on city records to family members. Beneficiary designations may be updated through TMRS without notification to the city, therefore, TMRS death benefits should not be discussed with family until TMRS has had an opportunity to review the account and directly contact the designated beneficiary.