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Change My Beneficiary?

At retirement, you designate a beneficiary for your retirement annuity. At that time, your beneficiary designation is “locked in.”

After retirement, changes to beneficiary designations are more limited. Specifically, you may change your post retirement beneficiary, if:

  1. You retired under one of the following retirement options:
    • Retiree Life Only
    • Retiree Life — 5 Years Guaranteed
    • Retiree Life — 10 Years Guaranteed
    • Retiree Life — 15 Years Guarantee


  2. You retired under a Retiree Life — Survivor option (100%, 75% or 50%), your original beneficiary dies, and you remarry.
    If you marry and want to change your retirement option and beneficiary designation to provide a survivor benefit for your new spouse, this change can be made only one time and must be done before your first anniversary date.
  3. OR,

  4. You retired and were granted 100% of your annuity under a divorce decree.

Contact TMRS at 800-924-8677 for additional instructions for updating your beneficiary for any post retirement beneficiary changes.

Note — The retiree life/survivor option plans are based on the projected life expectancies of both the member and surviving beneficiary as determined by an actuarial evaluation of the total deposits and a determination of how long TMRS will pay an annuity according to the benefit option selected.

If you are currently receiving annuity payments under one of the Retiree Life- Survivor options and your beneficiary did not predecease you or you were not awarded 100% of your annuity in a divorce, a new beneficiary CANNOT be designated for retirement purposes.

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