Help for Members

TMRS forms require a signature and date. Download the form you need, complete it, and sign it. Mail or fax (not both) the form to TMRS. Fax: 512.476.5576. Do not email forms. If you fill the form out by hand, please use black ink, no highlighter.

NOTE: If you are sending a copy or the image of a document (such as a driver’s license) via fax, please use the clearest image possible so the fax we receive will be legible.

Don’t Double Up!
If you fax a form, do not mail a separate copy. We only need one copy of each form, either faxed or mailed.

Announcements for Members

2017 Member Annual Statements

Member Annual Statements will be mailed in March to all members with a TMRS account (contributing and noncontributing). The annual statements reflect each member’s account balance for the 2017 calendar year and provide beneficiary information and estimates of your future retirement annuities.

Pre-Retirement Regionals Coming to a City Near You!

If you’re curious about what your retirement with TMRS will look like, we encourage you to sign up for a half-day Regional Pre-Retirement Conference in 2018. From the Events page, choose the Regional Pre-Retirement Conference tab, pick a city/date, and register online through the Eventbrite link for that city. The agenda for each Regional includes breakfast, an overview of your TMRS retirement, and a Social Security summary. Spouses are welcome!

Notes about Security

Recent news coverage of the Spectre and Meltdown threats to the microprocessors that are in most computers and devices has alarmed many consumers. TMRS wishes to assure you that we are aware of the vulnerabilities and have taken every precaution to ensure that our systems are not affected. The security of our members' and retirees' information is our highest priority. Keeping the software on your personal computer or device up-to-date is the best way to protect yourself against threats like this one.

Happy New Year!

A new year means additional interest earned on your TMRS account. Interest credit was applied to all eligible member accounts on December 31. The interest allocation is 5% on the balance in your account January 1, 2017. To view your interest earned along with your 2017 transaction history, log in to your account on MyTMRS.

Create an Account on MyTMRS

If you haven’t registered for MyTMRS, it’s time to put your account in your own hands! Creating your MyTMRS account (using a strong password and security questions) keeps your information safe while allowing you 24/7 access. With MyTMRS, you can do more than view your account information – now you can update your contact information, communications preferences, and beneficiary (in most cases) online!

New Video! Introduction to TMRS

TMRS has created a new video, Introduction to TMRS, that demonstrates how the TMRS plan works.

New – Online Beneficiary Designation in MyTMRS

TMRS members who are registered users of MyTMRS® and whose beneficiary selection does not require spousal consent can now designate or update their beneficiaries online. Please log in to MyTMRS and click on the Beneficiaries button to verify your beneficiary selection. If you need to make any updates or changes, click the blue Update button, and MyTMRS will guide you through the steps. You’ll receive an immediate confirmation message, and you’ll also receive an email stating a change was made. The blue Update button will be available if you are eligible to make a change. If you’re not a MyTMRS user, there’s never been a better time to create an account.

My City Plan

A new feature on the TMRS website allows you to see a one-page description of the plan your TMRS city offers. The page is designed for phones and tablets as well as computer screens.