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What You Need for GASB 68 Compliance

E-mail for GASB questions: Pension Accounting at TMRS

GASB 68 Employer Reporting Package
for Fiscal Year End 2016

Select your city name from the dropdown menu and click on "Get 2016 GASB 68 Package" to download your city's reporting package. Letters are in pdf format.

2016 GASB 68 Packages

2016 GASB 68 Resources

Items that your city may need to share with your auditor:

If you are not registered to access the City Portal, see the City Portal Information page.

If you have questions about the SOC-1 Audit, please send an email to TMRS’ Accounting Division. If you have questions about your city’s census data for GASB reporting, please send an email to TMRS’ Actuarial Division to the attention of Kenneth Oliver.