City Dashboard (GRS Snapshot™ for TMRS)

GRS, the system’s consulting actuary, has designed a city “dashboard” called GRS Snapshot™ for TMRS that will allow TMRS cities to analyze various funding metrics by city on a historical basis. A peer comparison with all other TMRS cities is also available. The historical analysis shows up to ten years of data (newer cities show fewer years), while the peer comparison analysis is based on the most recent valuation and data.

NOTE: To see detailed information, hover your mouse over the bars shown in each individual graph.

The TMRS City Dashboard is hosted on the GRS website. After entering the City Dashboard (button below), select your city name from the dropdown menu to explore your city.

City Dashboard Go

If you wish to send the Dashboard link to someone, please send the link to this page (

Please email TMRS’ Actuarial Analyst, Kenneth Oliver, if you have any questions.