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City Portal Information

The City Portal is the online self-service tool for cities to manage and view TMRS Member and city data.

New and Improved City Portal

TMRS' City Portal has an updated, intuitive interface. Registration has been streamlined. City Portal Users will now be guided through an online process at first log in, then gain immediate access.

Cities can now assign multiple City Portal Administrators who can make real-time updates to City Contact information instead of contacting TMRS.

The City Portal allows cities to:

  • Enroll new Members
  • View detailed information on TMRS Members
  • Access and generate Member and city reports
  • Upload documents to TMRS
  • Manage city contact information

The City Portal Reference Guide is available to users once logged in to the City Portal.

City Portal Help • or 800-924-8677

TMRS Help • Contact TMRS