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City Portal Information

The City Portal gives city-designated users online access to their city and employee data. Through the City Portal (accessed through a secure web URL), users are able to generate reports, download confidential documents, run estimates for members, enroll new members, and submit payroll data via TMRS’ FTP site. Authorized Users can also view member account balances and service credit totals.

The City Portal may be accessed by Authorized Users designated by each city, and each city must choose one City Portal Administrator. Before cities may use the system, City Portal Administrators must review the Training Manual to ensure that the city’s other Users understand how to navigate the Portal, what information may be accessed, and the importance of safeguarding member confidentiality.

Online City Portal Training

The City Portal Administrator should follow these steps:

  1. Download and print the City Portal Training Manual, which explains the purpose and use of the City Portal. Read this document first, and keep to serve as your user manual.
  2. Download and read the “City Portal Use Agreement.” Obtain the proper signatures for your city and e-mail or fax the agreement to TMRS. This document requires the signature of someone authorized to sign legal documents for your city, such as your City Manager, Mayor, or Finance Director. Send a scanned PDF to or fax it to 512.476.5576.
  3. After we receive the signed User Agreement, you will receive an email from "City Portal Administrator" that contains the URL to enable you to register to use the City Portal. In this step, you will choose your username and password for Portal access. NOTE: If you have not received your email within a week, check your spam filter; if you cannot locate it, send an email to

See also: City Portal • Terms and Conditions

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