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Board Committees

Advisory Committee on Benefit Design

Advisory Committee Charter

Chair - Jesús Garza
Vice Chair - Anali Alanis

Individual Class Representatives

  • Allison Heyward, Councilmember, City of Schertz
  • Barry Sullivan, City Manager, City of Gainesville
  • Vacant (Retiree)

Group Class Representatives

  • Chereé Bontrager, Texas Municipal Human Resources Association
  • Paulette Hartman, Texas City Management Association
  • Mitch Landry, Texas Municipal Police Association
  • Jaime Reyes, Texas State Association of Fire Fighters
  • Evelyn Njuguna, Texas Municipal League
  • Scott Leeton, Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas
  • Casey Srader, Government Finance Officers Association of Texas

Audit Committee

Audit Committee Charter

Chair - Bill Philibert
Vice Chair - David Landis

Budget and Compensation Committee

Budget and Compensation Committee Charter

Chair - Bob Scott
Vice Chair - Johnny Huizar