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How Do I…
Assist Members with a Beneficiary Change?

Because life changes (death, marriage, having a child, divorce) can occur during an employee’s career with the city, it is very important to keep beneficiary designations up-to-date. Beneficiary data is shown on each member’s annual statement and can be viewed by employees through MyTMRS or may be requested by the member in writing.

Members can designate or change their beneficiary in MyTMRS by logging on and clicking the blue Update button on the right side of the Beneficiaries tab. Members can also designate or change a beneficiary by using the Beneficiary Designation Before Retirement (TMRS-BENE) form.

After members become vested, they must resubmit a new beneficiary designation (through MyTMRS, or by paper TMRS-BENE form) with TMRS, even if they do not change their beneficiary.