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How Do I…
Report a Death?

City Correspondents are often notified of deaths of TMRS members and retirees. When the city is notified of an employee/retiree/beneficiary death, we would appreciate the city calling TMRS at 1-800-924-8677 as soon as possible to report the death.

When you contact TMRS about a deceased person, we will request the following information:

  • Name of deceased person
  • Social Security number
  • Date of death
  • Family contact information (name/relationship/address/phone number)
  • Marital status

TMRS will accept information regarding the deceased person; however, no account information can be released until the account information is thoroughly reviewed.

Once we receive notification of a death, we review the beneficiary designations and benefit options of the deceased person. We will contact the beneficiary by letter usually within 1 to 2 weeks of receiving notification of a death. We will advise the beneficiary of any benefits payable and include all the necessary death benefits applications.

IMPORTANT: Do not use the City Portal to access information on a deceased member’s account.

Remember, all records of an individual member, retiree, annuitant, beneficiary, alternate payee, or other program participant, including any information identifiable with specific individuals provided via the Portal, is confidential. Wrongful disclosure of confidential information is prohibited by Section 855.115 of the TMRS Act and Sections 552.101 and 552.0038 of the Public Information Act. The Public Information Act makes wrongful disclosure of confidential information a misdemeanor, classified as official misconduct. The City Portal Administrator should monitor usage of the City Portal within your city to ensure compliance with confidentiality laws and any workplace rules and regulations regarding employee information.