How Do I…

Help a Member Who is Divorcing?

For most members of the Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS®), their accumulated benefit is one of the most valuable assets that they own. It is very important that any divorce decree involving a member of TMRS specifically state to whom that benefit is awarded, or how it is to be divided.

Please have employees who are divorcing contact TMRS directly!

You may also direct employees to review the TMRS Divorce and Retirement (down/pubs/divorce.pdf) Publication. The publication will help members of TMRS (as well as others who may have an interest in a member’s TMRS benefits) understand the nature of that benefit, how it is determined and paid, and how it may be awarded to the member or may be divided upon divorce.

After reviewing the publication, if an employee has questions or concerns, have him/her contact the TMRS Support Services Department:

  • 800-924-8677
  • Texas Municipal Retirement System PO Box 149153 Austin, TX 78714-9153
  • Fax: (512) 476-5576
  • E-mail: (This email address is for general inquiries only. No personal identifying information should be submitted via email, and no legal documentation will be accepted via email.)