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How Do I…
Help a Member Apply for Service Retirement?

If a member has at least 5 years of service at age 60 (some cities require 10 years) OR has 20 or 25 years of service at any age, depending on the city’s retirement plan, he/she may be eligible to retire with TMRS.

To assist a member who wishes to retire:

  1. Determine his/her retirement eligibility. If you are not sure whether a member is retirement eligible, contact TMRS at 1-800-924-8677.
  2. Determine the retirement date. It must be the last day of a calendar month and cannot precede the employee’s termination date from all TMRS cities. If the employee is going to work for another TMRS city after retirement, he/she cannot start working for the new city until after the retirement date.
  3. Request a retirement estimate (see How do I…Request a Retirement Estimate?) The retirement estimate provides TMRS members with estimated monthly annuity payments for each retirement plan and also provides Partial Lump Sum Distribution amounts.
  4. Get answers to any remaining retirement questions. Members may obtain information regarding their membership and retirement options as follows:
    • Have the member watch this video for information about choosing a retirement option.
    • Have the member call TMRS Member Services (800-924-8677) and get their questions answered.
    • Have the member attend a TMRS Regional Pre-Retirement Conference if one is offered in your area.
  5. The member should complete the retirement packet. Fill out the forms in the Service Retirement Packet. Forward the completed service retirement forms and required documentation to TMRS for processing. The member’s retirement application must be received by TMRS no later than the retirement date and not earlier than 90 days prior to the retirement date. The member and the city will receive a confirmation letter directly from TMRS after we receive and process the retirement application.