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How Do I…
Check My Account Information?

To request information about your account:

  1. Online through MyTMRS — Click on MyTMRS and follow the prompts to register and/or log in.
    (NOTE: MyTMRS does not take into account if you have a QDRO on file and will show your full account balance.)
  2. By phone — Call our toll-free number (800-924-8677) and speak to someone in Member Services.
  3. In writing — Submit a signed written request to TMRS. Please remember to include the following information:
    • Full name
    • Social Security Number or your TMRS ID Number
    • Mailing Address and Phone Number
    • Your request
    • Your signature in longhand
    • Date of request

The signed written request may be faxed to (512) 476-5576 or mailed to PO Box 149153 Austin, TX 78714-9153.

Please Note: Most account changes require completion of a prescribed form with your signature. Additionally, specific account information is confidential and will not be discussed/released to third parties without your consent. If you have an Attorney-In-Fact, please submit a copy of the Power of Attorney to TMRS for review and approval. Once approved, the Attorney-in-Fact on record will be able to act on your behalf for TMRS purposes.