How Do I…
Change My Address?

To change your address:

  1. Online through MyTMRS - Click on MyTMRS and follow the prompts to register and/or log in.
  2. By Form - Complete and sign the TMRS Address or Name Change Form, then send to our office by mail or fax.
  1. Fill out the top portion of the form:
    • Full Name
    • (Note: If your last name has changed, you must submit proof of that name change – see, “How Do I... Change My Name?”)
    • SSN (must be legible and match the number on file)
    • Date of birth
    • Current or last employing city
    • Daytime phone
  2. Fill out the 2nd section (address change), which asks for:
    • New mailing address (number, street, city, state, ZIP)
    • Daytime and evening phone numbers
    • E-mail address
  3. Skip the 3rd section (name change).
  4. Signature Required — be sure to sign and date the form.
  5. Send the form to TMRS either by mail or fax.