Payroll Reporting

TMRS encourages you to use the TMRS City Portal for electronic filing. Besides allowing you to run reports and perform other functions, the City Portal is the easiest way to file your payrolls electronically. Contact your City Portal Administrator to become an Authorized User of the City Portal. If your city doesn’t yet have access to the City Portal, you can get started by sending an e-mail to TMRS’ City Portal Contact, Veronica Escobedo, at

Payroll Reporting (through FTP)

Payroll Reporting FTP Log in

  1. User Name and Password
    You will need a secure username and password to access TMRS Online Payroll Data Reporting. To obtain a username and password, fill out and fax TMRS your Primary and Secondary Account information using the For Secure FTP form, then sign and return it to TMRS. After we receive the form, an IT staff member will contact you with your username and password.
  2. Files and Formats
    After you enter your username and password, click on the Upload button, then click Browse to go to the file location. Once you have selected the file and the name is displayed, click Upload to send the file to TMRS. The file you are uploading can reside anywhere on your computer or network, and should be in the format specified in the File Format Instructions (IS-102). If you have been submitting payroll data to TMRS electronically, the format has not changed.

FTP is an acronym (file transfer protocol) for the transfer of electronic files; an FTP site gives users a safe place to exchange confidential information. The “For Secure FTP” form enables you to use the TMRS electronic transfer account for the transfer of city payroll information only. Include the following:

  • City name and number
  • Contact name and title
  • Worksite address and phone number
  • City Contact signature and date
  • Valid email address  

Fax (512-476-5576) the form (attention: Chris Gillis). After we receive the form, we will contact you with your username and password.

If you have questions about TMRS Online Payroll Reporting, please call TMRS toll free at 800-924-8677 and ask for Chris Gillis.