Help for Retirees

TMRS forms require a signature and date. Download the form you need, complete it, and sign it. Mail or fax (not both) the form to TMRS. Fax: 512.476.5576. Do not email forms. If you fill the form out by hand, please use black ink, no highlighter.

NOTE: If you are sending a copy or the image of a document (such as a driver’s license) via fax, please use the clearest image possible so the fax we receive will be legible.

Don’t Double Up!
If you fax a form, do not mail a separate copy. We only need one copy of each form, either faxed or mailed.

Announcements for Retirees

Funding the Benefit

Have you ever wondered how TMRS funds retirement benefits? Our new video provides a short, clear explanation of the fiscal foundation of the retirement program.

Update Your Address!

The year is winding down and that means we’ll be sending out your 2018 1099-R tax documents and Annual Statements in early 2019. Be sure your address is up to date by logging in to your account on MyTMRS or by printing and mailing in the Address or Name Change Form (TMRS-CHNG). You may also call Member Services at 1-800-924-8677 and make the change over the phone.

Put Your Account in Your Hands!

If you have not yet registered for MyTMRS, you should sign up as soon as possible. TMRS takes every precaution to keep your personal information safe, but online fraud continues to increase, putting vulnerable consumer data at risk. One easy step you can take to help protect your personal data from being used to commit identity theft or fraud is to create an account on MyTMRS. “Unclaimed” accounts can be targets for abuse if an imposter registers for them.

Did You Know TMRS is on Social Media?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for additional sources of information and updates on current events within TMRS. Share photos of how you’re spending your retirement with us on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #TMRSretiree.

Are You a Member of a City Retiree Group?

If your city has an association for city retirees that meets regularly, we'd like to hear from you. TMRS would be happy to send a representative to a future meeting to update your group on TMRS topics. Please send contact information about your organization to our Communications Department.

RetirementWise Fall Issue Now Available

The Fall 2018 issue of TMRS’ magazine for retirees has been posted on our website. If you are a registered user of MyTMRS, you should have received an email notification about the new issue earlier this week.

IRS Encourages “Paycheck Checkup” for Taxpayers’ Withholding

Due to the passage of a major tax law effective with the 2018 tax year, the IRS is encouraging taxpayers to do a “paycheck check-up” to help you determine the amount of tax to be withheld from your employee paycheck or your monthly benefit payment. Additional IRS guidance, including the calculator, and links to IRS YouTube videos, can be found on the IRS’ website.

If you decide to update your withholding, city employees need to submit a new W-4 to their city employer, and TMRS retirees should either change their withholding on MyTMRS or submit a new W-4P to TMRS.

Direct Deposit Calendar for 2019

The Direct Deposit Calendar showing annuity payments for 2019 is available on the website! If you’re curious about the remaining payments for 2018, the current calendar is also still available.

Prevent Payment Delays

Retirees, if you’ve recently opened a new bank account or changed banks, don’t forget to let TMRS know! If you haven’t notified TMRS, you may not get your monthly payment on time. Update your direct deposit information by mailing or faxing a new Direct Deposit Authorization Form (TMRS-80E). If you send your bank’s form, make sure the TMRS form is attached in order to prevent any payment delays.

TMRS’ Investment Presentation

If you want a better understanding of how TMRS invests funds that help provide retirement benefits for almost 60,000 Texans, this presentation to cities gives a good overview of our investments. The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2017 (CAFR) is a good overview of TMRS’ finances and the presentation shows additional detail about the TMRS Investment Asset Allocation process, methodology, and performance.

2017 Financial Reports Posted

In its June meeting, the TMRS Board of Trustees approved the TMRS Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The CAFR, posted on the Financial Reports web page, is prepared annually by the TMRS Finance staff and may be downloaded by sections or as a full PDF (156 pages). In addition to the CAFR, a 4-page “digest” financial report, called the Summary Annual Financial Report, is also posted on the Financial Reports page.

Want TMRS and other pension news delivered to your inbox?

TMRS offers five different e-newsletters by online subscription: Pension Intelligence, TMRS E-Bulletin for Cities, TMRSDirect News for Members, TMRSDirect News for Retirees, and Executive E-News. TMRS’ newest e-newsletter, Pension Intelligence, summarizes relevant pension news each month. Read the June issue and past issues on the TMRS Highlights page of the website. Sign up for and manage your e-newsletters using your email address and optional password.

Claim Your MyTMRS Account!

If you haven’t created your account on MyTMRS, there’s never been a better time. We strongly encourage all TMRS retirees to register so you can manage and control your own personal information with MyTMRS. You can create your account in 5 simple steps by accessing the registration page here. There are many useful features available on MyTMRS, including updating your contact information, downloading annuity verification letters, and adjusting your tax withholding. Keeping your contact information current is important so that TMRS can notify you of important events.

Announcements for Retirees Archive

Return to Work Video Now Available!

Are you a retiree interested in returning to active employment? This short video explains how working after retiring with TMRS may affect your benefits.

Support TMRS' 2018 Facebook Initiative

If you're a TMRS member or retiree, please Like and Follow our Facebook page. We’re expanding to provide regular posts on benefits, retirement processes, plan design, and TMRS events. You can view helpful videos and even watch live presentations. Any general, nonconfidential questions you have about TMRS can be answered on Facebook. If you have confidential questions about your personal benefits, call us at 800-924-8677 or fill out the contact form on our website.

Are You a Member of a City Retiree Association or Group?

If your city has an association for city retirees that meets regularly, we’d like to hear from you. TMRS would be happy to send a representative to a future meeting to update you on TMRS topics. Please send contact information about your organization to

Important IRS Deadline Looming for Required Minimum Distributions

If you turned 70½ in 2017 and are no longer working for a TMRS city but have not yet retired or refunded your account from TMRS, then you need to apply to TMRS for retirement or a refund before March 31, 2018 to comply with the IRS rules for required minimum distributions, or RMDs, which impose a deadline of Sunday, April 1, 2018. Additionally, if you turned 70½ in 2017 and have any IRA accounts (such as a traditional IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Rollover IRA, etc.), April 1 is also the deadline for beginning required RMDs from IRAs. This date only applies to those who hit the 70½ milestone last year. Anyone who already reached that age prior to 2017 should have received payment of their RMDs for 2017 by December 31, 2017. The RMD rules can be complex, and failure to comply can result in excise taxes or other consequences, so we encourage you to talk to your tax advisor. More information on distributions from IRAs is available in IRS Publication 590-B.

RetirementWise Spring Issue Now Available

The Spring 2018 issue of RetirementWise, TMRS’ magazine for retirees, has been mailed to you (if you haven't requested to receive it only electronically on MyTMRS) and is now available on our website. If you are a registered user of MyTMRS, you should have received an automatic notification via email of the new issue last week.

What to Do if You Haven’t Received Your TMRS Tax Documents

The 1099-Rs and HELPS statements (if applicable) were posted to MyTMRS and mailed in January to all annuitants. If you need a copy, you can download and save the document from your MyTMRS account. Once you log in, click the Documents tab, and then select 2017 1099-R (or HLPS). If you need a copy faxed or mailed (not emailed), please call our office at 800-924-8677 so we can assist you.

2018 Retirement Account Statements

The 2018 Retirement Account Statements were mailed February 8. These statements show your retirement option, retirement date, beneficiary information, and monthly TMRS retirement benefit payment (including your withholding amount) in effect for 2018. Statements are also posted online – you may view your statement by logging on to MyTMRS.

Update on 2018 Tax Tables

The new tax tables for 2018 have been applied to retirement accounts. This means your first annuity payment, on January 31, 2018, will reflect the new withholding amount. To see how the new rate may affect your retirement payment or to update your withholding instructions, log in to your account on MyTMRS.

Tips on Managing Life Changes

The newest issue of RetirementWise will be mailed later this week. This issue focuses on post-retirement life changes, including returning to work, marriage, and death of a beneficiary. TMRS will mail the magazine to retirees who elected to receive a printed copy. If your mailing preference is electronic only, you will receive an e-mail notice that the issue is available on the website. To update or change your mailing preferences for the next issue, log in to your MyTMRS account and click My Profile -> Communication Preferences.

1099-Rs and HLPS Statements Available on MyTMRS

2017 1099-R tax documents and HLPS statements (for public safety officers) are now available for download using MyTMRS. To download, save, and print, log in to your MyTMRS account and choose the Documents tab. Copies of these documents will also be mailed January 22.

Notes about Security

Recent news coverage of the Spectre and Meltdown threats to the microprocessors that are in most computers and devices has alarmed many consumers. TMRS wishes to assure you that we are aware of the vulnerabilities and have taken every precaution to ensure that our systems are not affected. The security of our members' and retirees' information is our highest priority. Keeping the software on your personal computer or device up-to-date is the best way to protect yourself against threats like this one.

2018 Tax Information

With a new year and a new federal tax law, you may be wondering how the law will affect your monthly payments. The IRS has not released the new withholding table for 2018; therefore, TMRS will continue to use the 2017 tax table until we receive the 2018 table. We will notify annuitants when a change occurs or when we receive specific guidance from the IRS about this matter.

2018 Direct Deposit Calendar

A perennial favorite for retirees, the Direct Deposit calendar is available online and is also printed on page 3 of the latest issue of Retirementwise (sent to retirees in October). The calendar shows the date of all monthly direct deposits (the last calendar day of every month).

Be sure TMRS has your correct address by December 31!

In January 2018 TMRS will mail a 1099-R tax document to all annuitants. In mid-February TMRS will mail your Retirement Account Statement. The address change can be made using one of three methods: login to MyTMRS, call 800.924.8677, or download and mail an Address or Name Change Form (TMRS-CHNG). Once available, your 1099-R and annual statement can also be viewed or printed from MyTMRS.

RetirementWise Available

The double-sized Fall/Winter 2017 issue of RetirementWise is now available on our website! The Direct Deposit Calendar is inside the issue, or you can download the "card" and print it.

New – Online Beneficiary Designation in MyTMRS

TMRS members who are registered users of MyTMRS® and whose beneficiary selection does not require spousal consent can now designate or update their beneficiaries online. Please log in to MyTMRS and click on the Beneficiaries button to verify your beneficiary selection. If you need to make any updates or changes, click the blue Update button, and MyTMRS will guide you through the steps. You’ll receive an immediate confirmation message, and you’ll also receive an email stating a change was made. The blue Update button will be available if you are eligible to make a change. If you’re not a MyTMRS user, there’s never been a better time to create an account.

Reassurance about Your Pension

TMRS would like to assure our members that the news stories about pension problems in certain Texas cities do not involve TMRS. Houston and Dallas have pension programs that are local and independent, not affiliated with TMRS. If you want more information about how TMRS works and how it is different from most other retirement programs, you may find this presentation helpful.