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Next Benefit Payment Date May 31

City Dashboard

The City Dashboard includes printable charts reflecting plan information for each TMRS participating city as of the most recent valuation date. In the dashboard you can toggle between the following information:

  • Historical: Displays up to ten years of funding data on assets, accrued liabilities, unfunded accrued liabilities, funded ratio, contribution rates, amortization period, participant counts, risk metrics and cash flow.
  • Peer Comparison: Allows each city to compare their individual plan funding metrics and benefit provisions with all other TMRS participating cities for the most recent valuation period.

The City Dashboard is hosted on the GRS website. After entering the dashboard select your city name from the dropdown menu to explore your city’s data. To see detailed information, hover your mouse over the bars shown in each individual graph.

City Dashboard

Please email Actuarial Services with any questions.