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Next Benefit Payment Date June 28

Attend a Webinar

Learn more about TMRS by attending a webinar below that fits your needs and schedule.

For Members: "How Your TMRS Benefit Works"

Learn how your city's retirement plan works and how you can qualify for benefits.

 June 18 12pm - Virtual (Zoom)

 July 25 10am - Virtual (Zoom)

 August 27 12pm - Virtual (Zoom)

For Retirement Eligible Members: "How To Retire with TMRS"

Learn about your retirement options and how to apply for your retirement benefit.

 June 26 12pm - Virtual (Zoom)

 July 16 10am - Virtual (Zoom)

 August 6 12pm - Virtual (Zoom)

For City Staff: "TMRS City Training"

Learn the basics of your city’s TMRS retirement plan, resources to help you manage your city’s TMRS account, and how to help your employees understand their TMRS benefit.

 June 25 2pm - Virtual (Zoom)

 August 13 10am - Virtual (Zoom)