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Next Benefit Payment Date April 30

Apply for Retirement

When you are ready to retire and begin receiving your monthly benefit, follow these simple steps.

Estimate your monthly retirement benefit

Using the Estimates tool on MyTMRS, you can compare estimates for various retirement dates and TMRS retirement benefit options.

Choose your retirement date

Your retirement date must be the last day of the month and cannot precede the termination of your city employment.

Complete your retirement packet

Download the TMRS Service Retirement Packet that contains all the forms you need to complete to retire. Your completed forms must be received by TMRS no later than your retirement date.

Receive your retirement confirmation

TMRS will send you a letter confirming your retirement and monthly benefit amount after processing your application.

Please note that if you are planning to work for another TMRS participating city immediately after you retire, you cannot start working at that city until after your TMRS retirement date.