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Next Benefit Payment Date June 28

Apply for Disability Retirement

If you become disabled so that you are no longer able to perform your job, and the disability is likely to be permanent, you may be eligible for Occupational Disability benefits from TMRS. There is no minimal length of service or age required to be eligible.

An Occupational Disability benefit is calculated like a Service Retirement benefit, based on your deposits and interest, your city’s matching funds, and other credits, and is payable to you beginning on the last day of the month following your effective retirement date, assuming your disability is approved by the TMRS Medical Board.

For an Occupational Disability Retirement, the cause of the disability does not need to be job-related. However, the TMRS Medical Board must find that:

  • You are physically or mentally disabled for further performance of the duties of your particular occupation;
  • Your disability is likely to be permanent; and
  • You should be retired.

If you believe you meet these criteria, do the following:

  1. Determine your retirement date. It must be the last day of a calendar month and cannot precede your termination date from all TMRS cities. Your retirement application must be received by TMRS no later than your retirement date and not earlier than 90 days prior to your retirement date.
  2. Request an Occupational Disability Retirement Packet and Estimate. Call the TMRS Member Service Center at 800-924-8677 for assistance with forms and information regarding occupational disability.

To initiate the process, please contact your City Correspondent and complete an Application for Occupational Disability Retirement. The city will complete the City Statement for Occupational Disability. A copy of your official job description should be attached to the completed form. The completed/certified form and attached job description should then be used by the member and the physician(s) to complete the Member’s Statement for Occupational Disability and the Physician’s Statement for Occupational Disability. Once all forms are completed and certified, forward the forms and job description to TMRS for review by the TMRS Medical Board.

All three statements and the job description are required before the file can be presented to the TMRS Medical Board for review.

If the application for Occupational Disability Retirement is approved by the TMRS Medical Board, TMRS will also require the following forms before issuing the first payment:

  • Selection of Retirement Plan
  • Proof of your birth
  • Proof of birth for beneficiary (only if selecting lifetime payment plan for beneficiary)
  • Name Certifications (if applicable)
  • Direct Deposit Authorization
  • IRS form W-4P (if not received TMRS is required to withhold based on an election of Married with 3 allowances.)

If the Medical Board approves your Occupational Disability Retirement, you will receive a monthly benefit. While receiving benefits, you may pursue other employment. TMRS may request that you provide evidence of continued disability each year until you reach age 60.

If you are eligible for service retirement and you become disabled, you may wish to consider applying for service retirement rather than Occupational Disability. The benefits at TMRS are equal, and service retirement does not require a medical exam.