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Next Benefit Payment Date July 31


TMRS is a statewide retirement system with more than 930 participating cities that provides retirement, disability, and survivor benefits to over 210,000 active members, retirees and their beneficiaries.


  • TMRS is a voluntary, cash-balance retirement plan for Texas cities
  • TMRS’ largest cities are San Antonio, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano and Laredo
  • TMRS does not receive any state funds and does not administer a health care plan
  • During their employment, city employees contribute a percentage of their salary on a pre-tax basis to their TMRS account that earns interest annually
  • A Member’s retirement benefit is based on their account balance at retirement, city matching contributions and other city credits


  • Each participating city chooses from a menu of options to design a retirement plan to meet its needs
  • TMRS calculates each participating city’s actuarial assets, liabilities and funded ratio every year
  • Each participating city can prospectively modify its benefits to control costs

Plan Features

  • TMRS’ Investment Return Assumption is 6.75%
  • Member’s retirement benefits are advance funded during the Member’s city employment
  • All participating cities must pay their actuarially required contribution annually
  • Unfunded liabilities are amortized over no more than 20 years