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Next Benefit Payment Date May 31

Investment Allocation and Rates of Return for Fiscal Year 2020

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Effective December 31, 2015, the long-term expected rate of return on TMRS pension plan investments is 6.75%. The pension plan’s policy in regard to the allocation of invested assets is established and may be amended by the TMRS Board of Trustees. Plan assets are managed on a total return basis with an emphasis on both capital appreciation and the production of income in order to satisfy the short-term and long-term funding needs of TMRS. The long-term expected rate of return on pension plan investments was determined using a building-block method in which best estimate ranges of expected future real rates of return (expected returns, net of pension plan investment expense and inflation) are developed for each major asset class. These ranges are combined to produce the long-term expected rate of return by weighting the expected future real rates of return by the target asset allocation percentage and by adding expected inflation of 2.5%. The target allocation and best estimates of arithmetic real rates of return for each major asset class are summarized in the following table:

Asset ClassTarget AllocationLong-Term Expected Real Rate of Return (Arithmetic)
Global Equity30.0%5.30%
Core Fixed Income10.0%1.25%
Non-Core Fixed Income20.0%4.14%
Real Return10.0%3.85%
Real Estate10.0%4.00%
Absolute Return10.0%3.48%
Private Equity10.0%7.75%